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Stoma Dental Clinic provides our patients with modern facilities that allow us to offer comprehensive treatment, ranging from dental cosmetics to surgery, and including endodontics, periodontics and implants. All in a single space and close to you.

Stoma Dental Clinic, since 1970

We have experience

Experience, prestige, innovation, technology and trust. These are the foundations of Stoma Dental Clinic, a pioneer in Europe in multi-disciplinary services and a reference centre at domestic and international level for any condition related to dental health and cosmetics.


Dental cosmetics

Dental cosmetics have always been a priority at the Stoma Dental Clinic. To obtain the best results, teamwork is a core principle in every department. At Stoma, maintaining and achieving the best dental cosmetics and health is essential.

Dental implants

Extensive experience, teamwork and continuing to monitor patients over the years, has made the Stoma Clinic team into real specialists in dental implants aesthetics.


Periodontal disease is one of the main causes of tooth loss among adults, affecting three out of every four people at some stage in their life.

Paediatric dentistry

Paediatric dentistry is responsible for the comprehensive care and maintenance of oral health in children and adolescents.

Dental prosthesis

Prosthodontics recovers and protects damaged or non-existent teeth. In many cases, this requires restoration via dental prosthesis, i.e., through ceramic veneers, crowns or bridges, whether supported by natural teeth or on implants.

Conservative dentistry

Caries is the most prevalent disease in the world. It is characterised by the destruction of the tooth’s tissue caused by several factors (sugar intake, lack of oral hygiene, general aetiology…) and can lead to pain and infections.


Endodontics consists of the removal of diseased (infected) pulp tissue from inside the root canal, the cleaning and preparation of the entire root canals, and the complete filling and obturation of the canals with a special material.

Dental hygiene

In our department for the prevention and supportive treatment of periodontal disease, Montse Costa, Encarna Bonet, Carme García, Roncero Susana and Carmen Mateo, as dental hygienists, help to improve periodontal health.


The special treatment and the close relationship between professionals and patients are a cornerstone of the Stoma Dental Clinic’s philosophy. We focus on a family relationship, which helps the patient to feel at ease and enjoy a relaxed and casual environment. However, Stoma’s essence is maintained at all times: maximum professionalism and efficiency in the treatment each patient requires.

Our patients are our most important asset. And their testimonies, our finest endorsement.

I have a bet with Dr. Llena if I get hurt, but there’s no way!

O. Nebreda (68 years ago), Cartoonist

I have used Stoma services for many years, as I call it, and I have never had a complaint. Even when they have done everything to me! I have bet an electric toothbrush with Dr. Llena if he hurts me or if I feel the slightest pain and there’s no way. I say this to those who think that going to the dentist is a burden. In my case it was a delight and I didn’t realise anything until it was time to pay, of course. But money is best spent on health, trust me.

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It doesn’t feel like going to a clinic, but to greet some friends

S. Torres (75 years ago), Sales Director

The first things that come to mind when I think of the Stoma Clinic are sympathy and quietness. Sympathy because it doesn’t seem like going to a clinic for a treatment, but to greet friends: Goodbye to reverential fear against doctors and nurses. And quietness because regardless of the problems I have I know I’m in good hands and they will solve them.

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The coordination among the medical team has been perfect

I. Bennaim (43 years ago), Leisure and Sports Businessman

My reconstruction project was very complex; professionalism and coordination among the medical team has been absolute. After two years of treatment, I want to thank Stoma Clinic, and specially Dr. Vicario and Dr. Jaume Llena, for the results obtained and the treatment received.

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Now I can say I have a big smile thanks to all the Stoma team

C. Gisbert (37 years ago), Insurance agent

I suffered from a serious gum problem that another maxillofacial specialist couldn’t solve, and I was recommended Stoma. I didn’t know them, but I’m not a second opinions person, so I trusted them. Dr. Oriol Llena and Dr. Monica Vicario took my case as an exception due to the difficulty entailed, and also because of my previous bad experience. After all the operations with Dr. Vicario, I have verified her great professionalism when operating and monitoring the whole case evolution. I have not had any complications as I did before. Now I can say I have a big smile thanks to all the Stoma team. I will never forget the great treatment I received.

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Thanks to Stoma Clinic I am calm during all of my adventures

A. Bosch (48 years ago), Adventurer and Entrepreneur

I am a customer and a fan of Stoma Clinic because they have great specialists in each area, who were able to solve my complex problems perfectly… And also because they give so much importance to prevention. Thanks to that now I have good dental health and I am calm during all of my adventures.

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My life-long dentist… recommended coming to Stoma!

A. Gutiérrez (41 years ago), Journalist and Stylist

I have had the good fortune to run into very good and upright professionals, had it not been that way I would never have been derived to Stoma. I had a very serious problem in the mouth and my life-long dentist told me the following: “Ana,if this happened to me I would just trust the hands of the Llena brothers!” I think this explains it all… But if I may, now that it’s been so many years I would like to thank the whole team, especially Maite, for their excellent approach, for the love and closeness during hard times that makes you feel at home, when we all know that the nicest thing you can get at the dentist are hygienes, Everything else is unnecessary!

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They explain to you everything they are doing as they work

C. Esquerdo

I’ve been a Stoma patient for over 25 years ago. I know the doctors and nurses and the approach is excelent and absolutely personal . During any sort of treatment and visit, they explain everything they are doing as they work, which gives the patient so much confidence and calm as there are no surprises. I would absolutely recommend Stoma Clinic.

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I love and trust transmitted

M. Aguiló (38 years ago), Founder “Popcorner”

I do not remember the first time I came to see Dr. Prio; I must have my first cavities and about 6 years. What I do remember is the trust and affection she gave me. Throughout my life I have been having various problems related to the mouth and I have always been forwarded to the right professionals within the Stoma Clinic. They innovate in techniques and renew their technology constantly to give a pointer and effective service. So much so that I have never hesitated to bring my children here so that Dr. Prio and her team continue to take care of our mouths.

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Make you feel comfortable in an uncomfortable situation!

A. Benach (50 years ago). Founder “Òxids”

For more than 30 anys que sóc pacient de Stoma i m’agradaria destacar la gran professionalitat i amabilitat tant del personal com dels Doctors i Doctores. Can you explain in detail what you were doing and never have the feeling that you are in a hurry. Make you feel comfortable in an uncomfortable situation!

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