During our more than four decades of operation, at Stoma Dental Clinic we have been at the forefront of dental treatment.

Dental cosmetics

Dental cosmetics have always been a priority at the Stoma Dental Clinic. To obtain the best results, teamwork is a core principle in every department. At Stoma, maintaining and achieving the best dental cosmetics and health is essential.

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Dental prosthesis

Prosthodontics recovers and protects damaged or non-existent teeth. In many cases, this requires restoration via dental prosthesis, i.e., through ceramic veneers, crowns or bridges, whether supported by natural teeth or on implants.

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Conservative dentistry

Caries is the most prevalent disease in the world. It is characterised by the destruction of the tooth’s tissue caused by several factors (sugar intake, lack of oral hygiene, general aetiology…) and can lead to pain and infections.

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Endodontics consists of the removal of diseased (infected) pulp tissue from inside the root canal, the cleaning and preparation of the entire root canals, and the complete filling and obturation of the canals with a special material.

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Dental hygiene

In our department for the prevention and supportive treatment of periodontal disease, Montse Costa, Encarna Bonet, Carme García, Roncero Susana and Carmen Mateo, as dental hygienists, help to improve periodontal health.

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