Do your gums bleed? Do you have excess gum? Do your gums hurt? Are your gums receding? Do you suffer from bone loss? Do you need a dental cleaning?

Do your gums bleed?

Contrary to what many believe, bleeding gums are not normal. It means there’s an illness that may lead to gingivitis. The problem is often that this bleeding occurs when we brush our teeth, and we erroneously abandon oral hygiene. This makes the situation worse and may result in increasingly serious diseases. The Stoma Clinic team of specialists will prepare a diagnosis and prescribe a treatment. Additionally, we’ll also help you to establish preventive measures to minimize the risks of relapse.

Do you have excess gum?

Some people are uncomfortable with the appearance of their mouth when they smile, because their gums are more visible than they’d like. In many cases, this can be solved with microsurgery, which removes part of the gum, and thus, making the teeth more prominent. The result is an attractive mouth making you smile more confidently.

Do your gums hurt?

Gums are a good thermometer for our general health, meaning gum pain must always be treated with the care it deserves, even if initially not serious. Gum pain may be the result of several factors: aphthas, gingivitis, insufficient oral hygiene or even smoking. At Stoma, we’ll examine your case to proceed with the right treatment.

Are your gums receding?

Whether for cosmetic or oral health reasons, receding gums (uncovering the root and revealing a longer tooth) can and should be corrected. Check the options available for improving your case with our team of specialists. We’ll, analyse your case and propose an effective solution.

Loss of bone

If the loss of bone is still in an incipient stage, it’s currently possible to reverse it with excellent results, through appropriate treatment and continuing hygiene by the patient. For more serious cases, action is advisable and adequate solutions can be achieved even long-term. In these cases, we first proceed with an initial anti-inflammatory stage through hygiene and then re-evaluate the need for a second stage with specialist periodontal treatment.

Do you need a dental cleaning?

Proper dental hygiene is essential for preventing illnesses and even infections that may arise in more serious conditions. The Stoma Clinic’s team of expert dental hygienists, with extensive experience, shall ensure the cleaning is accompanied with personalised recommendations for oral health.

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