Durante los días 10 y 11 de junio celebramos en Clínica Dental Stoma el curso “Esthetics in implant Dentistry. 30 years of experience” impartido por los docotores Jaume Llena i Oriol Llena Blasco. We will have the assistance of 20 dentists in ASIO (Swiss Association For Oral Implantology) and representatives of Biomet Zimmer Suiza, to share knowledge and experience.

We will work on three cases of Stoma Clinic patients live, Live surgeries and subsequent placement of the prosthesis upon implants.

Great work of the team of Dr. Jaume full Blasco and Dr. Oriol full Blasco, Olga Guitara, prosthetic clinic Stoma and reception staff.

It will be a very interesting day for Stoma and hopefully also for those attending the course.